With over twenty-five years of experienced service in the Kern County area,  NSM Demolition soon became a leader in the demolition industry. Working alongside both public and private sectors, NSM Demolition has developed a wide range of comprehensive solutions to meet the needs and challenges of all phases of demolition. NSM’s wide range of turn-key solutions includes: complete, selective, commercial and industrial services.

Total demolitions involving the removal of a structure, including its foundation, makes up a large percentage of our work; this involves the new construction industry by wrecking an old structure to provide way for the new. We have facilitated many contractors and homeowners on their quest for a new house where an old house stood.

Selective demolition of existing structures for renovations and remodeling can be interior or exterior by nature. Exterior demolition can involve cutting a building in half to make it smaller or to add a larger addition. NSM Demolition, Inc. uses a variety of high tech demolition equipment with many attachments to ensure a safe, effective, and economical demolition.

Interior demolition is primarily seen in commercial structures when changing out a retail space to accommodate a new tenant as well as renovations to residential properties to accommodate the private sector. NSM Demolition, Inc. can tear out one wall as well as gut an entire shopping mall or hotel for renovation. The Kern County area has undergone an extensive amount of interior demolition in the old hotels that need to keep their “art deco” facades but want to modernize and renovate their existing facilities.




NSM Demolition is a reliable company that assists clients to meet their inclinations in regards to demolition. The safe, responsible, and environmental-conscientious quality of work is viable through strong and trusted client relationships, and frequent repeated-business. Those who work for NSM Demolition believe that reliable and loyal work is essential to running the successful business, and maintaining the trustworthy reputation NSM Demolition expects to sustain.




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